Production & Quality Control

  • Water is pumped into elevated tanks and dosed with chlorine to kill bacteria
  • Water is pumped into plant where it goes through a sand and activated carbon filter to remove sediments
  • Water is softened and ran through a 20 inch 5 micron filter to remove impurities that might have slipped in earlier process
  • Water goes through reverse osmosis unit – the nerve center of the plant. This further strips the water of impurities
  • The carbon block cartridge improves the taste of the water and also acts as a filter
  • The UV purification process is the final purification process before bottling
  • Bottles are cleaned with purified water in a separate cleaning room
  • Bottles are filled up with 100% purified water
  • Bottles are coded with the date of manufacturing, the batch number and the date of expiry
  • Bottles are sealed, labeled and cased and a crisp bottle of Vesen is delivered to you

Our marks of quality

  • Kenya Bureau of Standards
  • The Machakos County Council Business Permit
  • National Environment Management Authority
  • Ministry of Health – Hygiene license
  • Water Resources Management Authority – Water permit