Kay Seven Cancer Initiative


Cancer Care for Every Kenyan

As Vesen Purified Water reaches further into the Kenyan Market, we have endeavored to simultaneously widen our CSR circle by supporting a cause dedicated to alleviating the burden of cancer in Kenya. We as a family hold the cancer initiative dear to our hearts. With this campaign, we wish to not only honor our founder who succumbed to the disease, but also all the other great men and women who, though fallen, will never be forgotten.

It is in this spirit – combining the life giving force of water, the purity of Vesen and Kay Seven’s core value of community service – that the Vesen-Pink-Label bottle was created.

50 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the Vesen-Pink-Label will be donated to the KENYA CANCER ASSOCIATION (KENCASA), an organization at the forefront of fighting the battle against cancer – from a communal to a national level. KENCASA is endorsed by the Ministry of Health and The American Cancer Society.

Since October 2016, we have held activations at major malls and with your support, sold the Vesen Pink-Label in various stores and to individuals. We have raised money that has gone towards funding these KENCASA’s programs;




Above and beyond this, our 2017/2018 plan is to provide as many needy cancer patients with a NHIF medical cover.

For more information on how to be involved/ donate contact us at: +254786 327 198
Facebook – @vesenpurifiedwater

Rachel Wambui
Public Relations Department,
Kay Seven Group Ltd,
+254 723 664 243
Deborah Olwal-Modi,
Executive Director,
Kenya Cancer Association
+254 20 26 77 319