We like to think of Vesen as a discovery of our own version of liquid gold. In 2005, with an aim to harness more water for irrigation and for supply to the local community, we brought in experts from Drilling Spares & Services. They broke through to an inexhaustible underground reservoir.

Those we supplied the water often remarked that there was a unique crispiness and cleansing property to it – which brought us to believe that other than being abundant, our water was unadulterated and beaming with vitalizing properties. Bottling the water was thus, not only a way to maximize on this potential, but also to move Kay Seven towards innovation in the food & beverage industry.

Working with Kenya’s renowned water purification experts, Aqua Treat Solutions and the University of Nairobi Chemistry Lab, a battery of assessment tests was done. This gave us professional endorsement to set up our current purification and bottling factory.

We brought in Davis & Shirtliff to assemble the plant, the result of which is an impeccable water production unit that experts and engineers admit to be one of the most comprehensive operations they have helped to establish.