About Us

Kay Seven Group is a registered limited company bound by family values and committed to community service. Our products are inspired by the need to share the natural resources of our land – prime of which are water and organic farm produce.

Tucked away in the rolling countryside in Machakos County, our land is a quintessential portrait of unadulterated nature. It is from the base rock of this earth that springs one of our most valued natural resources – water.

We are dispelling stereotypes about our region and water availability. Harnessing our water for supply at our neighborhood water kiosk and to schools, churches and communal functions has provided a safe and sustainable way to access this essential commodity. The production of Vesen Purified Water is proof of how far a visionary idea, infrastructure and sheer hard work can propel a community from deficiency to sufficiency.

We have had decades of experience in organic farming, with our produce enjoyed both by the local community and supplied to stores and farmer’s markets in and around Nairobi.

As a team, our directors have had the advantage of living and working in different parts of the world. We have taken this experience and brought it back to our community, each providing a unique set of corporate skills.

This phase of our development is marked by innovation and community service. It is a concerted effort to produce food and beverage products that meet global standards, yet stay true to the unique spirit of our communal heritage. It is with Vesen Purified Water that we launched this vision.